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SimEdu Overview

Everyday more and more schools are realizing the importance of 3D printing in the educational and professional realms. But how does a school introduce its students to a whole process they have zero experience in? We give you SimEdu, a 3D educational platform tailored to your needs.


In Activities section we make the student use the physical material around him to (make/play) with 3D models to achieve the educational objective of the unit. The physical 3D models used in the earlier grades activities can be designed and 3D printed in the higher grades exercises, assignments and projects. The course is meant to be eco.


The Quiz is a multi-choice quick puzzle that applies the STEM-based methodology. They are age appropriate for the listed grade and designed to fit their lesson. They are meant to address some STEM specified learning objectives for the intended grade level and test the students' advancement. They aim to gradually build the student skills to use the included simple 3D design software (AB3DBasic). The quiz examples are picked from the student environment, interest and real life. Every unit consists of multi-level quizzes, every quiz may be repeated until mastered by the student.

Visual tutorials

Every Quiz is supported by a video that explains how it was built using AB3DBasic (AB3DBasic is AB3DLabs’s Simple CAD software embedded into SimEdu). Videos are visual tutorials showing the student how to create the model and give him/her a clue to the answer of the quiz when needed. By watching the videos after each quiz the student gains his/her skill and is able to utilizing it in solving the assigned exercises. If the student gave a correct or a wrong answer, he/she still can watch the video in a flexible usable relation.


The Exercise is a practical periodic task student should do using AB3DBasic (AB3DBasic is AB3DLabs’s Simple CAD software embedded into SimEdu). Each unit includes 4 exercises, one after each 5 quizzes and one at the end. The exercises are automatically assessed to give the student and the teacher an immediate call to action. The exercises are designed to review and assure that the previous design concepts are well understood by the student.

Brain training

3D modeling is not about just design, in SimEdu platform it can help students develop their cognitive skills. Brain skills like (memory – attention – speed – problem solving - flexibility) will be assessed and measured while students are playing their 3D games. The games are designed to improve students' reasoning, memory, planning, visuospatial skills, and attention. The games are fun and increase in difficulty over time. Using 3D principles together with AB3DBasic tool, we can develop a multitude of games that measures those brain skills and enhance them.

Print 3D

While Fablabs at schools were intended to put cutting-edge technology for 3D design and 3D printing into the hands of middle and high school students, SimEdu will make it handy to kids at KG and early grades. The ease of learning and simplicity to use AB3DBasic will enable all k-12 students to concretize their ideas and projects with intense personal engagement. Students will be able to print any model they make, since AB3DBasic, embedded in SimEdu, outputs its 3D models in formats that are compatible with 90% of all 3D printers.


Gaming is a new trend in digital world and very helpful as an effective learning method. SimEdu contains many games that review and improve the 3D design concepts and skills learned by students along their course work in an engaging entertaining way. Other than the brain activity cognitive games, SimEdu is suggesting some challenging 3D games that help students to enhance their comprehension while enjoying and challenging their games.

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