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AB3DLabs is a Swiss company (Société Anonyme), that works in innovations and 3D design software to facilitate 3D printing. AB3DLabs develops as well educational 3D STEM-based Curricula for K-12 and Training courses for the public. AB3DLabs owns a Patent that enabled it for the unique simplicity and unprecedented ease of its programs.

Our Vision

Spreading mastery of 3D printing and design to all who will delight in its creativity and usefulness.

Our Mission

  • Introducing a new approach or a new alphabet to 3D design -easy to learn simple to use.
  • Providing a platform for 3D education and 3D printing at schools.
  • Democratizing 3D modeling with a simple software, and build it up gradually to advanced level software.

Our core values

Simplicity, Creativity, Empowerment, Democratization, Education.

Our Target

  • Novices and amateurs who want to master the art and skill of 3D printing and design.
  • School systems wanting to differentiate their offering with an innovative curriculum.
  • Students and their parents who appreciate the thrill of fun challenges and the skills derived therefrom.

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Rue Hugo-de-Senger, 3
1205, Genève, Switzerland.